CFM – Critical Facility Management Platform

CFM - Critical Facility
Management Platform

Critical Facility Sustainable Operation is an operation model independent of people, that continuously self-improves and is based on risk management through proactive activities. This model is based on creating an organizational culture that meets the ever-increasing demand for business continuity, efficiency and performance independent of variables such as team members, internal and external conditions, aging inventory and changing outsourcing.

Conventional critical facility organizational culture, particularly in Data Centers, have a structure based on repeating routine activities without targeting any requirement about which activities should give which results and associating a problem with a system without scheduled risk management techniques. It provides no idea regarding how much risk will be mitigated through resource utilization, particularly human resources. A strategy based on chance and trial-error (or no trial is better) is used. The operating manner is usually created with a series of rules handed down through generations (auricularly) by an experienced person who has worked in the past and is shaped over time according to the current staff’s personal preferences.

Statistics indicate that the main reason for (source of) downtime in data center critical facilities is not electromechanical failures but “human errors” that occur during operation. In its 2021 survey, the Uptime Institute asked the question “Would it be possible to prevent your most recent downtime through better management, process and configuration?” to the participants in order to set out this theory more clearly and the answers were 76-79% “yes, it could have been prevented”. Therefore, merely monitoring electromechanical and IT devices and performing device-based management are not sufficient to achieve high business continuity in critical facilities. It is also difficult to monitor the behavioral parameters of the facility personnel and to manage them on a service level.

CFM (Critical Facility Management) Software offers a software solution that interactively meets 15 different managements as boutique in compliance with the Uptime Institute and ITIL standards that set the operational and behavioral patterns of the critical facility operational team particularly in data centers.

The software also offers value in creating and sustaining risk analyses and decision support systems based on the topological dependencies, capacity sufficiency and redundancy criteria of electromechanical systems, and an organizational culture independent of people.