Energy &
Efficiency Management

The purpose of the Energy and Efficiency Management System is to install the systems and processes required to improve energy performances, receive current and historical data from the installed systems, perform analyses with the received data and control the implemented infrastructure based on the analyses.

Automation systems aim to minimize human intervention in the infrastructure they control, provide the end user with the means to monitor and control the infrastructure, produce in accordance with the needs of the consumption side and thereby minimize energy loss.

Otomatica enables energy and efficiency management through project-specific applications for consumption management in all the systems and devices it controls.

Through the

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) automation,
  • Lighting Automation,
  • Energy Automation
  • Consumption Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity)

solutions we offer as Otomatica, we ensure that the electromechanical needs of the infrastructure are met in a sustainable manner and we provide energy and resource efficiency and dynamic graphical screens, alarm, event and report management systems, MMS services and interactive SCADA systems for end users at international standards.

Otomatica makes the data collected or to be collected from its customers manageable by turning it into a meaningful and processable form. It provides consultancy and technical support to increase efficiency and functionality in building architecture through the technologies it produces

Otomatica solutions offering resource and energy efficiency in the Building Management System include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) automation, Lighting Automation, Energy Automation and Consumption Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity).

As known, energy efficiency is one of the most important contemporary topics and also one of the main purposes of automation. Otomatica provides Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) reports to its customers and reports the energy expenses of its customers in a clear manner. Energy expense variables are calculated by optimizing parameters such as temperature and pressure particularly in data centers to offer optimization services.
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