Our History
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Foundation of

Otomatica was established with the idea of offering an Automation and Software Solution focused on Critical Facilities in the modern “Borsa Istanbul Data Center” project. The core team was activated with Zorlu Center and Raffles Hotel facility monitoring and alarm systems.

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Data Center
Upper Integration Experience

Otomatica successfully implemented the “Upper Integration” solution that includes weak current systems in addition to the installation of BMS and PMS systems in the Vakıfbank Data Center. This was the basis of innovative “Integrated Infrastructure Management System.”

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Experience in
Three Major Projects

Enforced with new participants, Otomatica Core Team achieved three concurrent projects,  Turkcell GEM1, İşbank, Atlas Data Center and Star of Bosphorus projects in Turkey. All of the three project were certified by Uptime Institute. Otomatica is recognized hereupon as a reliable stakeholder from the Detailed Design stage to the Testing and Commissioning stage.

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Otomatica's Corporate

Otomatica is making the transformation to gain more depth in its fields of specialization. The R&D Department conducts research on software development and new technologies, while Platform Engineering focuses on value generation by implementing the acquired information at the site. The Turkcell GEM 2 project is to be completed soon.

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Sustainable Operation
Software Works

The experience of establishing a team for the ITIL-based Sustainable Operation Software for which product partnership will later be made with Softech, and its analysis and development using modern tools. Turkcell GEM3 and the Akbank Data Center projects are delivered successfully. The Smart-IoT Platform works are launched.

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Otomatica UAE

Otomatica is making its activities in the United Arab Emirates official with the project signed with Etisalat and is opening its office. Otomatica is successfully performing operation digitization in two data centers with the Sustainable Operation Software. An ambitious project has been started with the Smart IoT platform. Project for central management of more than 25 data and network centers behind cybersecurity measures is launched.

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UAE and Azerbaijan

Otomatica is expanding in the region with its UAE projects and the Azerbaijan Pasha Data Center. Otomatica witnesses the perfect transformation of Garanti Bank Data Center (Tier IV) with its “Sustainable Operation Consultancy Service”. Product partnership is established with Softech and Sustainable Software is commissioned at another Tier IV, the İşbank Atlas Data Center. The Turkcell European Center is completed successfully.

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New Horizons

Our Schneider UAE partnership is expanded with multiple digitalization solutions in the Gulf Region. The Turkcell GEM4 data center is delivered successfully. Our CFM product is ranked second at the DCS Awards 2021 in the “Data Center Intelligent Automation and Management Innovation of the Year” category.