About US

About Us

Otomatica is focused on sustainable operation that guarantees high business continuity, performance and efficiency throughout the facility lifecycle by digitizing critical facility physical infrastructures particularly in data centers. Otomatica’s experienced staff uses the highest technology to offer services with professional consultancy and sustainability services that address the whole facility lifecycle for critical facility sustainable infrastructure operation, end-to-end integrated automation and management systems, software that creates sustainable business culture and supplier-agnostic platforms and programs that enable the portfolio management of critical facilities.

Critical Facility Sustainable Operation is an operation model independent of people, that continuously self-improves and is based on risk management through proactive activities. This model is based on creating an organizational culture that meets the ever-increasing demand for business continuity, efficiency and performance independent of variables such as team members, internal and external conditions, aging inventory and changing outsourcing.

Otomatica is aware that the Data Center and Critical Facility clients it offers services to aim to benefit from their investments with high business continuity and optimum efficiency for an operating period of 25 – 40 years. Otomatica aims to become the partner of its customers throughout the facility lifecycle by providing all the technology and engineering services in compliance with this objective in the design, implementation, testing, commissioning and operation stages starting from the need to create critical facilities.

Otomatica has proved itself in the specialized industries it operates, in data center projects realized in United Arab Emirates, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and particularly in Turkey, and has worked with tens of contractors, subcontractors and project management offices which were new in data centers. Otomatica’s Professional Consultants provided added value to these actors in the data center industry, which have various criteria and notions, and assisted them in holding on in the industry in a healthy and profitable way, informed their interested employees and continuously contributed to the development of the industry in Turkey.

Otomatica has deep know-how and practical experience particularly on the physical infrastructures of electromechanical systems and installations, equipment and system operating principles, potential scenarios, energy management and efficiency methods, holistic data center standards and the development of a sustainable business culture. It has also proven itself in project management, the culture of improving the next-technology as a team and customer satisfaction.

Otomatica’s experienced team is the end-to-end digitization partner of corporate companies with its sustainable operation, central multi-site and portfolio infrastructure management solutions, integrated infrastructure management system, lifecycle maintenance and professional consultancies.
The Otomatica Team has adopted the discipline and work culture in order to understand the customer’s goals and problems, offer innovative value engineering, ensure implementation through detailed design, planning, testing and commissioning, and ensure the sustainability of the value.
Otomatica, as Trusted Team, delivers value to the end users in cooperation with its shareholders aligned to the Otomatica's Framework where the right things are performed by doing the things right in a fast and responsive way.
Otomatica is your "Digitalization Expert and Partner" offering the greatest value in the sustainable operation of the facility through its end-to-end solutions. Our R&D and Platform engineers maintain the interactive relationship with technology providers for implementing the latest innovative solutions accurately and sustainably at the site.
Otomatica has a unique structure that offers a single source model to provide all end-to-end solutions and professional services. With its know-how and implementation experience on critical infrastructures, Otomatica delivers greatest value for the sustainable facility operation from design to operation throughout the facility life cycle.