Otomatica secures sustainable operation by digitizing your Data Center Critical Infrastructure end-to-end. We are here to help you achieve your high business continuity, performance and reliability targets.


Do you want to digitize your Critical Infrastructure from the sensor data in the smallest office area to the highest enterprise management platform? Otomatica is ready to offer you the most optimum solution with Smart-IoT.
The productivity and sustainability of your product and service value chain is directly related with the availability, performance and efficiency of your facility infrastructure. Otomatica digitizes your facility and makes it Smart.


Your facility’s 40-50 years of service life is limited with the health of the infrastructure systems. Otomatica provides support for the sustainability of your infrastructure through maintenance and corrective services.
Your digital transformation such as critical facility management, central multi-facility management, infrastructure portfolio governance or colocation infrastructure management based on sustainable operation principles and process management are ready with Otomatica.


Otomatica supports you in the digital transformation of your critical facilities with its professional end-to-end services. The services cover the phases from blueprint to design, from implementation until the sustainable operation.

Smart Operation Solutions

Create "Sustainable Operation Culture" for your Critical Facility, based on ITSM process management and the Uptime Institute Standard.
If you own a Data Center Portfolio, you can increase your productivity through the strategies, visions and policies created based on integrated field information.
The infrastructures of multiple data centers distributed over a region can be managed with less risk through an optimum team using Centralized Management.
Smart Centralized Management is required to ensure low cost and high business continuity for distributed Edge Data Centers to be operated as unmanned.
If your service chain reaches to your customers through your branch stores, balancing your customers comfort with your cost helps your efficient operation.
Transparency of your infrastructure performance dedicated to your customer’s collocated zone brings you competitive advantage.

* “Management” is the daily operation management as per the policies and procedures. “Governance” is the portfolio management activity through operational vision, strategy and policy based on information received from multiple fields.

Our Differentiators

Otomatica was chosen by its customers as a reliable critical facility digitization partner thanks to the value engineering it provides throughout the facility lifecycle.  The culture of the solution-oriented team combining leading technology with innovative self-creativity ensures the value creation and contribution.

Otomatica’s experienced team is the end-to-end digitization partner of corporate companies with its sustainable operation, central multi-site and portfolio infrastructure management solutions, integrated infrastructure management system, lifecycle maintenance and professional consultancies.
The Otomatica Team has adopted the discipline and work culture in order to understand the customer’s goals and problems, offer innovative value engineering, ensure implementation through detailed design, planning, testing and commissioning, and ensure the sustainability of the value.
Otomatica, as Trusted Team, delivers value to the end users in cooperation with its shareholders aligned to the Otomatica's Framework where the right things are performed by doing the things right in a fast and responsive way.
Otomatica is your "Digitalization Expert and Partner" offering the greatest value in the sustainable operation of the facility through its end-to-end solutions. Our R&D and Platform engineers maintain the interactive relationship with technology providers for implementing the latest innovative solutions accurately and sustainably at the site.
Otomatica has a unique structure that offers a single source model to provide all end-to-end solutions and professional services. With its know-how and implementation experience on critical infrastructures, Otomatica delivers greatest value for the sustainable facility operation from design to operation throughout the facility life cycle.

Our Achievements
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References in 7 countries
Resident offices in 3 countries
and 30 large-scale
reference projects

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Over 90.000 m² of white space experience in MEA

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Over 600.000 hours of field and engineering experience in critical facilities

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1.2M+ Data Points
1.2M+ points of data including various platforms, faclities and communication protocols

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Communication with 60.000+ electrical, mechanic and IT devices at various management levels

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-10+ Solutions and Products
-Consultancy / 7X24 Service
-Central Monitoring
-Critical FAcility Portfolio Management
-Sustainable Operation

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