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For the journey of Digitalization of Critical Facilities, Otomatica has a unique structure that offers Single Source Model for providing end-to-end solutions and professional services.

The value of Critical Facility Digitalization is the sustainable productivity of the product and service value chain accommodated at the facility throughout the facility lifecycle. The critical facility consists of a shell (building) and a physical infrastructure that provides uninterrupted resources for the product and service value chain. The shell maintains a sustainable environment both through its infrastructure and operation.

Otomatica creates and offers solutions and services based on the principles of critical facility sustainable operation model. Otomatica’s fields of competence include Critical Facility Infrastructure and its Operation Model Design, Management System Framework, Infrastructure Management Systems for the systems such as energy, building, white space and weak current, Management System Architecture and Middleware to integrate with corporate systems, electromechanical Infrastructure Assessment and Certification, Facility Lifecycle Services and Sustainable Operation Culture transformation program. With its successful references, Otomatica is highly confident in offering these services and solutions as a single source.

Critical Facilities will host the service and product value chain at high productivity with no downtime during their lifecycle. The process from the design of the facility and its infrastructure to the hand over to the operation team after testing and commissioning phase is therefore incredibly important. Any missing or erroneous activity during this process leads an abortive infrastructure which lowers the return of investment increasing the operational costs and risk.

Otomatica, as Sustainable Infrastructure Digitalization Partner, stands out with its expertise and implementation experience on critical infrastructures starting from facility planning to operation phase, and offers the greatest value in the sustainable facility operation through its end-to-end solutions. Otomatica Team are Partner of Choice for End Users and Stakeholders such as prime contractors and subcontractors during design and implementation period. It has achieved great successes with the knowledge, experience and capabilities shown in previous projects from the design to project management, from the implementation to critical facility commissioning and beyond the operation.

In addition to providing Facility Lifecycle Maintenance and Corrective Services and Consultancy Services, Otomatica aims to become the indispensable companion of its End User Customers as their Facility Infrastructure Digitalization Partner during their endless digital transformation. As Digital Transformation is a more data-driven and more information-based business model, the Facility Infrastructure Digitalization requires a reliable companion like Otomatica for different additions, updates, information derivations and information-based analyses over time. Otomatica seeks to become your partner, offering end-to-end solutions as a Single Source Model in Critical Facility Digitalization.
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