Our Sustainability Approach

Our Sustainability

Otomatica focuses on providing solutions using innovative technology for the digitization of sustainable and manageable facilities and offers professional consultancy to its customers in order to increase business continuity, efficiency, and effectiveness in facility management. Otomatica’s experienced team is the end-to-end digitization partner of corporate companies with its sustainable operation process management, central and portfolio infrastructure management platforms, and software, integrated critical facility infrastructure management system, lifecycle maintenance and support services, professional consultancies, and supplier-independent data integration platform.

Smart Facilities are used for various purposes today. Manufacturing, business, tourism and shopping centers, power plants, health or educational institutions, transportation complexes and data centers serve different needs and are managed by different processes. Most of these facilities have spread their services over 24 x 7 to adapt to both modern life and economic conditions and have kept up with the information age by widely using information technologies.

In Smart Facilities, where human interaction is getting minimized, business continuity and productivity are ensured in business activities, and values such as individual comfort, safety and health are ensured in service activities. While the product and service value chain activities collocated in the facility are supported at the highest level, the facility’s high efficiency and low carbon footprint performances are also very important.

The implementation that minimizes human interaction in product and service value chain facilities is achieved with digitization using information technologies. In these facilities it is important that energy, water, conditioned and fresh air and compressed or vacuumed air, Internet, safety, and other protection systems provide uninterrupted service according to the need. Any interruption in these resources can threaten the business continuity of the product and service value chain of the facility, and result in high production and service effort losses, including loss of prestige of the company.

In the Industry 4.0 framework, Otomatica focuses on the digitization of the Smart Facility and their Infrastructure collocating its customers’ value chain. Otomatica’s Team with knowledge of systems, equipment and devices comprising the electromechanical, weak current and automation systems as integrated infrastructure is confident with their experience, capability of using recent technologies and developing its own innovative middleware. Otomatica focuses on and specializes in Smart Facility, Critical Infrastructure and Sustainable Operation in the horizontal axis of the value chain in the Industry 4.0 framework.

Otomatica has the competence to collect data from each system, equipment, and device of Smart Facility critical infrastructure at the Tier IV redundancy level and to perform the data distribution aligned with cybersecurity criteria up to the corporate management systems and the Internet. It enables its customers to create big data by communicating with objects, platforms, PLCs, and databases with any brand-independent protocol. Otomatica’s competence on the Internet of Things (IoT) on the depth (Z) axis of Industry 4.0 has been established with its indisputable achievements particularly in modern Data Center applications.

The vertical axis is Digitalization competence in the Industry 4.0 structure. It symbolizes the conversion of the collected data into information that provides value to the facility:

Asset Layer: Includes objects (equipment, devices, sensors etc.) that constitute the critical physical infrastructure and the operating staff. Otomatica is competent in the design, control, and configuration of infrastructure electromechanical, automation and weak current systems, equipment, and devices. It offers consultancy on operating as per Sustainable Operation and ITSM principles.
Integration Layer: Otomatica has the competence to receive data from all communicating systems using various protocols. It ensures that the data is reached through its own middleware if necessary.
Communication Layer: Otomatica establishes a communication infrastructure according to the requirements of the data access speed, from the most distant sensor to the enterprise database and the information processing system in accordance with the cyber security standards. It designs the topological and technological infrastructure based on the criticality of the application.
Information Layer: Otomatica combines the data it receives from all data collection platforms and sources, on a device and system basis, and aligns it with the digital twin image, lean and operation processes where necessary. It organizes the collection of big data.
Functional Layer: Otomatica has the competence to ensure that the devices, equipment, and systems constituting the Critical Infrastructure operate autonomously as expected in an integrated manner. It ensures the business continuity, performance and reliability required for the facility.
Business Layer: Special process and management systems that directly provide value to the Facility, such as Capacity – Load Management, Energy Utilization Effectiveness, Business Continuity Management, Cost / Value Analysis, Distributed Infrastructure Central Management, Portfolio Governance and Sustainable Operation are provided by Otomatica.
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