Many research institutions’ and particularly the Uptime Institute’s surveys have put forward that the greatest cause of downtime is human error rather than fault in the infrastructure equipment. In particular, by the “mistakes” of the operation team managing the operation and performing the activities. The Critical Facility Infrastructure including over fifteen electro-mechanical and low current systems consists of  hundreds of equipment. In order to maintain the initial performance of each of them, the team carries out preventive maintenance and corrective actions throughout the year .

Up to thousands of scheduled and unscheduled activities performed during the year for hundreds of equipment increase the human interactions, hence the probability of downtime. Human errors during the site change process trigger abnormal function and low performance. This is a dilemma. The activities to maintain the original performance of the equipment in order to ensure an operation without downtime increase the risk of interruptions due to human errors.

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The only way to break this vicious cycle is to meet the ITSM-based “Sustainable Operation” principles. Critical Facility Sustainable Operation is an operation model independent of the person that continuously self-improves and is based on risk management through proactive activities. This model is based on creating an organizational culture that meets the ever-increasing demand for business continuity, efficiency, and performance independent of variables such as team members, internal and external conditions, aging inventory and changing outsourcing.

Otomatica has experience in providing consultancy to corporate data center facilities that know the “Sustainable Operation” philosophy and hold relevant certificates. Based on this experience, Otomatica creates decision support and business management systems by generating information suitable for corporate systems based on data collected from the BMS, PMS and DCIM infrastructure monitoring and control systems.

Otomatica also offers holistic solutions to businesses aiming to achieve high business continuity with the “Critical Facility Management” software and platform, which enables the creation of a “Sustainable Operation” culture and allows the operation team to continuously excel itself accordingly. Smart Facility Infrastructure that have end-to-end management with Otomatica’s Alarm, Monitoring and Decision Support Systems also offer a change in organizational culture in line with the philosophy of sustainable operation.
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