Data Centers and the performance criteria expected from them are becoming more important with the increasing dependency on Information Technologies. In the modern information age, we are currently in, information is generated at the Data Center Critical Facilities where data is “physically” collected, stored and processed. The main responsibility of these facilities, which collocate servers, storages and network devices, is to ensure that these devices operate with high business continuity, high performance and high reliability during their expected service life.

Otomatica offers “Design”, “Testing and Commissioning”, “Tier Certification” and “Sustainable Operation” consultancy through its “Professional Services” for modern data centers. Thanks to this competence and experience, Otomatica offers very confidently  Integrated Infrastructure Management Systems with DC Monitoring, DC Alarm Management, DC PUE WUE Management, DC Load and Capacity Management and DC Environmental Management Systems. 

Otomatica presents and implements the best value solution of BMS, PMS and DCIM systems meeting the user requirements. With its own middleware and software, Otomatica integrates those system on fault tolerant topology as an Integrated Infrastructure Management System so the operation team and management ensure the high availability, performance and reliability of the DC Infrastructure in “Sustainable Operation” principles.

Sustainable Operation is, in short, an operation model independent of people, performed by continuously self-improving team, and is based on risk management through proactive activities. Otomatica is aware that the Data Center Investors can only benefit from their investments by sustaining the high business availability continuously for an operating period of 30 – 40 years. Otomatica knows also that the operation personnel will change over time during this long period, while the need for availability concern will increasingly grow each year.

This is why Otomatica offers its “Monitoring and Management Systems” and presents with many creative technologies, which continuously take into account the simple and holistic perspective ensuring person-independent operation. Those systems provide graduated details ensuring the effectiveness of escalation, diagnosis and corrective activities, and enable making the operation of complex systems easy by creating a visual twin with animations.

Otomatica offers solutions that meet the following operational needs aligning to the principles of Sustainable Operation in the Data Center Infrastructure monitoring and management systems. These solutions enable high-performance risk management with a medium-qualified team in the whole operation process including the following:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Activities
  • End-to-End Management with Alarm, Monitoring and Decision Support Systems
  • Corrective Response Activities
    • Deviation (Incident) Detection
    • Escalation Management
    • Accurate Diagnosis
    • Corrective Actions Prove
    • Stages of Returning to Standard Operation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Capacity and Load Management
  • Energy Efficiency Management.

Otomatica’s solutions and services ensure that the Data Center facility provides service with high business continuity, high performance and high reliability.
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