Facilities are used for various purposes today. Manufacturing, business, tourism and shopping centers, power plants, health or educational institutions, transportation complexes and data centers serve different needs and are managed by different processes. Most of these facilities have spread their services over 24 x 7 to adapt to both modern life and economic conditions and have kept up with the information age by widely using Information Technologies managed Infrastructure. If not yet, they will undergo this transformation over time to sustain the asset value. Therefore, Smart Facilities have information technology dependencies and this dependency will increase over time.

In Smart Facilities, human interactions are minimized and productivity is provided in autonomous  operation while values presented to the tenants such as comfort, safety and health are provided in service manner in a personalized way. Also the product and service value chain activities collocated in the facility are supported at the highest level in order to maintain the business productivity. The facility’s high efficiency and low carbon footprint performances are also very important criteria to be complied.

Oil Refinery, Chemical & Petrochemical plant abstract at night.

Digitization of product and service value chain using information technologies minimizes human interaction. The productivity of the value chain is strongly dependent not only on the process automation but also the facility infrastructure where they are accommodated. When services such as energy, power distribution, chilled or hot water, conditioned and fresh air, safety and protection are experiencing downtimes, the value chain process can be affected so the business continuity of the product and service value chain. These events may result high production and service effort losses, including loss of prestige of the company.

The end-to-end management of facilities’ “Energy Usage and Consumption” under various environmental and requirement conditions is vital for the profitability and environmental compliance of the business. Such savings should not impact the quality of product and service value chain within the facility.

Otomatica offers solutions that meet the following facility needs by configuring the Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Systems of Smart Facilities in accordance with the facility operation teams aligned with “Sustainable Operation” principles. These solutions enable high-performance risk management with a medium-qualified team in the whole operation process including the following:

  • End-to-End Management with Alarm, Monitoring and Decision Support Systems
  • Corrective Response Activities
    • Event, Incident, Alarm Management
    • Well-Directed Escalation Management
    • Accurate Diagnosis Management
    • Corrective Actions Management
    • Stages of Returning to Standard Operation Management
  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance Activities
  • Predictive Maintenance and Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Capacity and Load Management.

Otomatica solutions offering resource and energy efficiency and building control include HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) automation, Lighting Automation, Energy Automation and Consumption Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity). Security Management Systems, Fire Detection, Card Access, CCTV, Elevator Automation, IT Device Monitoring, Fuel & Generator Automation and Facility Management Software are added to the systems controlled under the integrated building management framework. Otomatica solutions support integrations with SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, SQL, HTTP, MQTT, DNP3, OPC, SSH and others in addition to other open protocol integrations described in the industry standard.

The Otomatica Helpdesk team monitors and manages the installed Integrated Building Management Systems for you 24/7 through the cloud. Otomatica develops customer-specific web services and interfaces to ensure integrated operation with the IT and Facility Management software of the BMS Systems. Smart Facility is guaranteed to provide service with high business continuity, high performance and high reliability.
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