Smart Facility – Integrated Infrastructure Management System

Smart Facility
Integrated Infrastructure
Management System

“Integrated Infrastructure Management System” is an information exchange framework that integrates with all systems such as BMS, EMS, SCADA, DCIM, MMS and Work Order Management, and converting any incoming data from all these systems into holistic business information. It is an information platform and repository that includes both distributed active control and integrated end-to-end management. Data retrieved from the equipment and devices through various protocols is coordinated from a simple sensor to the most complex system in the infrastructure.

Each commercial management system has its own network to retrieve data and process in their inclusive application running on dedicated server. The information produced is limited with the points of the system integrated with. Otomatica’s “Integrated Infrastructure Management System” acts as an orchestrator between the management systems and deliver the information in the business level so each piece of data and information from each management system are exchanged.

Otomatica develops automation solutions underneath the “Integrated Infrastructure Management System” custom to the Electrical, Mechanical and IT infrastructures of each Data Center. Otomatica’s design goal is to allow building owners and DC operation managers to control the whole infrastructure in their Data Center efficiently and at optimum level and manage it in an integrated manner. Otomatica’s comprehensive approach starts with the conceptual review of infrastructure systems and reaches to the details of controlling and integrating of each equipment and device into “Integrated Infrastructure Management System.”

Prior to delivering an Infrastructure Management System for a Data Center, Otomatica’s experienced team queries many details such as the systems’ topologies, operational scenarios, seasonal mode changes and efficient operational measures, and structures of its electrical, mechanical, DCIM, weak current and safety systems. After reviewing the design documentation, Otomatica Team shares available improvement potentials and the risks in implementation with the project shareholders to enhance the solutions that ensure compatibility, sustainable operationally and optimum end-to-end manageability for the Data Center integrated infrastructure.

Use cases regarding the systems such as fuel system set-up, mains-generator changeovers, distributed systems with cooling units, ventilation systems, seasonal mode changes and various redundancy maneuvers are worked out by including emergency scenarios, and the control algorithm.

Additionally, to the critical Data Center systems, Otomatica’s solutions offering ‘Resource and Energy Efficiency’ and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Automation, Lighting Automation, Energy Automation and Consumption Management (Water, Gas, Fuel, Electricity). Security Management Systems, Fire Detection, Card Access, CCTV, Elevator Automation, IT Device Monitoring, Fuel & Generator Automation and Facility Management Software may be added to the systems controlled under the Integrated Infrastructure Management Framework.

The sensors and the PLC panels collecting data from these sensors feed the servers through a communication network. When this communication network would correspond to human neural network, servers could be considered as ‘brain’ and software as ‘intelligence’. In a critical facility like Data Center, the critical operation is strongly dependent on the Infrastructure Management System. The operation intelligence should not be unconscious even a second. One second blindness may cause millions of losses. Therefore, the layers from sensors to the software are thus configured redundantly and with fault tolerance.

This network, the servers fed with data by the network and the software and applications on them are vital for high business continuity, performance, and sustainability in the critical facilities.

Otomatica solutions support integrations with SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, SQL, HTTP, MQTT, DNP3, OPC, SSH and others in addition to other open protocol integrations described in the industry standard. Furthermore, Otomatica develops customer-specific web services and interfaces to ensure integrated operation of the ‘BMS Systems’ with the ‘IT and Facility Management Software.’

The Otomatica Helpdesk team monitors and manages the installed Integrated Building Management Systems for you 24/7 through the cloud.
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