Otomatica Team consisting of young generation engineers and technicians has adopted the discipline and method of service responsibility as a work culture in order to understand the customer’s aims and problems, offer value engineering through innovative solutions, ensure implementation through detailed design, planning, testing, and commissioning, and ensure the sustainability of the value. The customer satisfaction, trust and appreciation resulting from this culture is the main source of motivation for our team.

There are mainly three different functional teams. The Project, Service and Smart-IoT Teams have varying number of employees depending on the project scope and focus. Experienced and high-performing team members, who are capable of playing a role on all three divisions, guide the new participants. Otomatica’s work environment presents an agile and non-monotonous work atmosphere, so the teams are always expected to challenge themselves and achieve more every year or project.

The Project Office balances each of the three functional teams, establishes customer relations in each project and governs the project executers who ensure coordination with the office. The Project Office manages all the resources including Outsourcing, R&D and Platform Engineering resources.

The Solution, Project Development, Proposal and Planning stages are performed by the core management team. Specialist partners are included in developing solutions if necessary. Opportunities received from the sales team are considered as customers’ call for need and a need analysis is conducted.

“The customer is always right in the request for meeting its needs. But it may not be right about what its needs are.” Therefore, the needs of the customer are fully understood, and the most reliable, innovative and affordable solution proposals are set out as a solution document by the Solution Team. The solution includes alternatives that meet the customer’s needs and budgetary projections. The Platform Engineering is tasked to evaluate whether the current technology meets the requests, using R&D activities if necessary.

When the customer approves the qualification of the solution with its budget, pre-proposal design and post-proposal planning is performed to guarantee the quality of the solution to be provided by Otomatica. The project and detailed documentation are transferred to the Project or Smart-IoT teams.

The Project Executor ensures customer satisfaction during project implementation and the Service Executor is tasked to maintain this satisfaction at maximum level after the project is delivered.