Regarding Critical Facility Digitization and Digitalization, Otomatica aims to ensure sustainability of the production and service chain collocated in the facility infrastructure with high business continuity, productivity, and safety. It has the experience to develop alternative solutions by analyzing the needs ranging from the least competent staff operating the infrastructure to the senior facility executive managers reporting to the management of the organization.

The Otomatica specialist team are responsible to track, professionally learn and have the experience to implement all the technologies that can be used to develop the solution. The R&D and Platform Engineering Department assumes and creates the necessary competences for this responsibility.

Partner Specialists are also selected based on these criteria. This responsibility is related to offering solutions to customers using leading technologies and is continued as Otomatica’s Expert Staff closely monitors technology providers’ literatures, participates in update trainings, and gains experience in laboratory environment as required.

Each technological platform and software is tracked under the guidance of at least one specialist, the technology leader, and it is ensured that other employees  get familiar with the system and gain experience. The Technology Leader contributes to the development team where the technology is applied. He/she leads to its implementation at the customer’s site and across the service process if necessary and propagates the know-how to the next implementation by accumulating the experience gained.

Interactive relationship management with technology providers is also important for implementing the solution accurately and sustainably at the site. Our R&D and Platform engineers maintain supplier relations at the highest level to manage this process.

Most recent technology is always preferred in each new project and implementation in every software, hardware or in-house middleware and the previous technology is not replicated.

The technology is renewed each day to provide more up-to-date and higher value to the users. As the Facility Infrastructure Digitalization Partner, Otomatica is aware that digitization and digitalization are indispensable for an organization to maintain its presence and gain competitive edge. Therefore, the solutions have to be renewed and updated each year with changing requests and needs. With the awareness that today’s technologies will become stale in the future, Otomatica has assumed the mission to meet the increasing requests and needs of its customers. Every new solution is to be based on most up-to-date technology, and every currently running solution is to be updated to the newest technology.

The R&D and Platform Engineering departments support the Smart IoT Team and Project Teams and the Service Team.