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Monitoring Systems

Otomatica’s “Professional Services” offer consultancy to Data Centers on “Design,” “Testing and Commissioning,” “Tier Certification” and “Sustainable Operation.” Based on these extensive experiences, Otomatica designs and implement “Data Center Monitoring System” in accordance with the comprehensive knowledge of critical infrastructure systems and “Sustainable Operation” principles.

Otomatica offers the monitoring systems and user interface screens with many creative technologies. The system is structured as a lean and holistic perspective ensuring an operation independent of persons, providing graduated detail levering for effective escalation, diagnosis, and corrective activities. The operation of complex systems is illustrated with visual twins and animations.

Data centers are critical facilities operating in shifts covering the entire day 24/7. It is economically costly and unsustainable to employ a sufficient number of staff in each shift with sufficient qualifications. Not each one of the operation personnel is capable of predicting the risks at the site, performing critical maneuvers by analyzing and identifying the root causes of the incident, having sufficient knowledge on each system enough to decide on emergency responses, and conduct the relevant corrective actions. Therefore, team work is the basis to sustain the operation and effective monitoring system is essential to increase and develop the teamwork.

Sustainable operation by a team with optimum number of staff at the optimum qualifications is only possible with advanced DC Monitoring Systems in accordance with the “Sustainable Operation” principles. Otomatica DC Monitoring System is developed as “upper management platform” of systems such as BMS, EMS, SCADA, DCIM, MMS and Work Order Management to ensure that incoming data from all these systems are converted into information. The data from each system is to be considered as “Integrated Infrastructure Management System” data and the data exchange platform processes lean and holistic information to manage the availability, performance, and reliability of the systems. Electrical, mechanical or environment values are simultaneously visualized on the displays, establishing their interrelations.

Displays with single line and positional displays coordinated in accordance with the systems in the facility provide information received from BMS, PMS, SCADA, DCIM, MMS and similar data collection platforms in a meaningful manner. The mechanical and electrical values, environment conditions, automation control and operating status of any integrated system are displayed on the same screen, providing more extensive information at a glance.

Displays visualized by creating animated twins of the facility locations and the devices in them, simplify the shift staff’s internal meetings and their escalation meetings with the service providers. Teamwork is thus made more practical and generalized.
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