Colocation Site Infrastructure Management

Colocation Site
Infrastructure Management

In addition to the data centers and infrastructure facilities they own and manage, companies may also outsource the data center services fully or partially. Solutions can be achieved with various services of companies providing Data Center Services. Various solutions are available such as colocation of physical IT devices, cloud services for agile and resilient structures and integrated cloud services in various areas in various cities for regional or global edge computing needs.

In case data center services for the end user are provided from multiple locations oriented for the need and the implementation of the product and/or the service value chain the management of the information technologies becomes more complex. The essential business continuity, performance and reliability offered by the operation conducted through the central data center is lean manageable. Contrarily, monitoring the relevant infrastructure on each location and managing continuity, performance and reliability levels provided by these distributed data center structure falls short in terms of integrity.

Management technologies such as virtualization, clustering or cloud configuration enable to use hardware in a resilient, efficient and manageable way, while offering opportunities that take measures regarding business continuity and mitigate risks. To ensure that these risk-mitigation measures are taken on time, the power and environmental stability of the hardware in various cabin groups in distributed data centers should be monitored and analyzed based on their impact on the applications. Distributed IT resources are thus configured according to the power, cooling or environmental risks that may arise in their location infrastructures in order to avoid risks for application downtime. High business continuity is ensured both for the application and the facility by lowering the use of resources in high-risk locations and providing the application resource capacity from low-risk locations.

The capacity in virtual structures should also be managed carefully due to dynamic changes. The use of the limited infrastructure capacity that varies with time and redundancy should be planned based on past information and future growth.

Surveys indicate that the responsibility given to the data center service providers is the most important criterion on which end users hesitate in outsourcing. This concern over the outsourced infrastructure’s competence to assume the responsibility of sustainable operation can be eliminated only by providing the customer the ability to monitor the infrastructures in these locations through a single platform and notifying them about arising risks.

Otomatica develops solutions for the central monitoring and risk management of data center infrastructures distributed over multiple locations and offers the ability to manage each outsourced location at the enterprise level.
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